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Designed for Freelancers

Seamless for You

We created Contract Canvas specifically for creative freelancers. From creating the contract to signing it online, our process makes it easy for you to get back to doing what you love.

Easy for Your Clients

Your contract is a reflection of your services. That’s why we’re making it easy for your clients to review your contract, suggest changes, and sign it online.

A Contract You Can Read

Say goodbye to complicated legalese and hello to our “Human Contract” that feature icons and plain English.
See an example.

Enforceable in Court

Every human contract also includes legal terms more familiar to lawyers and judges. That way your freelance business will always be protected if a dispute arises.

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How it Works

1. Tell us about your project

We’ll ask you all the important questions to learn about your project and how you want to be paid. We’ll cover everything from services to payments, cancellation rights, and even ownership of your work product.

2. We create your Human Contract

We’ll create a clean, simple to understand contract designed for humans, not lawyers (see an example). We’ll also create the more formal legal terms you need to protect your freelance business.

3. Review and sign it online

Both you and your client can securely review the human contract and legal terms on our website. You’ll be able to comment, make changes, and sign it electronically. We’ll then send you PDF copies.

(Coming soon… Contract automation so you can integrate your contracts with your favorite online tools.)

Request a Beta Invite

We’re giving free access to a limited number of early-bird users. If you’d like to join the lucky freelancers already using Contract Canvas, request an invite and we’ll get you a free account as soon as possible.

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