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The easy way for creative professionals to create and e-sign client agreements.

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Designed for Creative Professionals

Seamless for You

It doesn’t get any easier! With Contract Canvas, you create your client agreement, send it to your client, and sign it online.

Easy for Your Clients

Your clients will love you! They can review your contract online, suggest changes, and sign it right in the browser.

Human Readable

No more legalese! You’re gonna love your new contract—it features icons and plain English.

Legally Sound

You’ll be safe! Every contract also includes legal terms that use language more familiar to lawyers and judges.

How it Works

1. Tell us about your project

Answer simple questions about your project like payment terms, termination rights, ownership of work product, and more.

2. Preview your human contract

Our software creates a contract summary designed for humans and also legal terms more familiar to lawyers and judges.

3. e-Sign the contract

You and your client e-sign the contract; then we’ll save it to your dashboard and email out PDFs.

4. Coming Soon: Smart Contract Features

Since your contract will be digital, you’ll be able to integrate it with other tools you already use.

Example Contract
Create Your First Contract For FREE!