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We get it.

We know the law, software development, and the creative industry. In fact, we’re freelancers ourselves and we’re using our first-hand experiences to build Contract Canvas.

Finally, you’ll be able to create human-readable contracts that will make you look your best, won’t scare your clients, and will hold up in court.

Chris Brown

Co-Founder & CEO

For the the last seven years Chris has provided legal counsel and mentorship to countless freelancers, startups, and small businesses. And for the last four years he has led his own solo law firm where he operated just like a freelancer.

Technology is uprooting the legal industry; and that’s a good thing. Good lawyers are learning how to use technology to help their clients and that’s what we hope to do with Contract Canvas.” – Chris

Chad Elliott

Co-Founder & CTO

A tech zealot and frequent freelancer, Chad has spent many years in the trenches of contract negotiations and is excited to apply his diverse engineering background to developing a better solution.

Contracts are extremely important, but let’s be real, they’re a huge pain. To quote the oft’ cited Kimberly “Sweet Brown” Wilkins, ‘Ain’t nobody nobody got time for that.’” – Chad


Director of Happiness

We didn’t rent her shoes. We’re not buying her a beer. She’s not taking your turn, Dude. But she does have a better headshot than you.

Woof woof woof. [lick lick lick] Woof woof woof. Squirrel!’” – Aspen