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1. Tell us about your project

Our user-guided contract wizard will ask you to provide the important details about your project–payment terms, termination rights, ownership of work product, and more.


2. Preview your contract

All Contract Canvas contracts include a summary designed for humans not lawyers and also a legal version designed for lawyers and judges. You can preview your contract, return to the wizard to make changes, and edit as much as you’d like.


3. Send your contract to your client

Next, click “Send to Client” and we’ll email your client a secure link where they can access your contract online.

Email Client

4. Client preview

Your client can securely review both the human summary and the legal terms on our platform. If they have questions or changes, they can email you directly. (In the future, we’ll have negotiation features build right into the platform.)

Client Preview

5. Client e-signs

Once approved by your client, they can easily provide their e-signature using our platform (through an integration with HelloSign).

Client Signature

6. You e-sign

We’ll let you know as soon as your client e-signs your contract. After they sign, you can e-sign too (again, using an integration with HelloSign).

Freelance Signature

7. We share the final contract

After you e-sign, we will save the final, fully-signed contract to your dashboard. We’ll also send a PDF copy of the contract to both you and your client via email.

Final Contract

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