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1. Tell us about your project

Answer simple questions about payment terms, termination rights, ownership of work product, and more.


2. Preview your contract

Our contracts are designed for humans, not lawyers, and also include legal terms in case you need them later.

Email Client

3. Send the contract to your client

You can send the preview straight to your client using our platform.

Client Signature

4. Your client securely e-signs

After your client approves the contract, they can sign it using a legally binding e-signature.

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5. You securely e-sign

We’ll let you know as soon as your client e-signs, at which point you can e-sign too.

Final Contract

6. We email the final contract

After the contract is fully-signed, we’ll email a final PDF to both sides and save the contract in your dashboard.

Your first contract is free!

After that, we offer two simple payment options.

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Monthly Subscription

$20per month
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  • Create Five Contracts per month
  • Unlimited Edits/Saves
  • Client Reviews & e-Signatures
  • Premium Features (coming soon)

Pay As You Go

$40per contract
  • No Subscription Required
  • Create One Contract
  • Unlimited Edits/Saves
  • Client Review & e-Signature