Last Modified: August 22, 2019

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For clarity, all references to “us” below (and similar words such as “we” and “our”) mean Contract Canvas, LLC, a Missouri limited liability company), and all references to “you” mean the individual using the Services (regardless if the word is capitalized). However, if you are using the Services on behalf of a business entity, then “you” means both you and your business entity.

ABA Best Practices

Generally speaking, we strive to comply with the American Bar Association’s Best Practice Guidelines for Online Legal Document Providers. The stated purpose of those guidelines is to protect consumers, ensure better access to justice for those who cannot or will not hire lawyers, and shrink the justice gap that has deprived too many members of the public of the tools they need to address their legal problems.

Contract Canvas is NOT a Law Firm or a Substitute for Legal Advice

We Are Not a Law Firm
We are not a law firm. We cannot and will not provide legal advice to any user.

We Are Not a Substitute for Legal Advice
We provide template contract language, along with a contract wizard to help you assemble the language (along with the other features of our platform such as your dashboard and electronic signature processing, and features we plan to add in the future).

However, as with any legal transaction, you may benefit from the services of a lawyer to help you with your contracts. Additionally, if you have legal questions about your unique situation or the state(s) in which your contracts will be used, then you should contact an attorney licensed in your particular state. 

No Attorney-Client Privilege or Work Product Protection
Since we are not a law firm, you will not be protected by any attorney-client privileges or work product protections.

Limitations on Validity of Contract Canvas Contracts

As you may know, every state (and in some cases, counties and cities and other governing bodies and jurisdictions) has different laws which may impact the validity of the contracts you create using the Services. Moreover, laws change from time to time, and all laws are subject to interpretation by different courts. In short, the law is a very personal matter and no general information or legal tool like our Services can fit every situation.

Accordingly, you should know that Contract Canvas contract templates are not designed for any particular state or jurisdiction. Rather, the provisions have been drafted to be generally applicable. (Our goal in future years is to provide language that is more custom tailored for each state, however, we have not rolled that feature out as of the Last Modified Date above).

The best way to ensure your contract is valid for your state is to engage a lawyer licensed in your state to review and provide contract language. Accordingly, you are free to add custom terms to your contracts that you or your lawyer feel are needed to ensure the contracts are tailored for your specific state.

We track contract versions internally. We are planning on adding (or may have already added) the ability for you to see when your contract template was most recently updated. And in all cases, we intend to promptly account for any material changes in the law which are generally applicable across the country (and in the future, to account for any material changes in the law in each state in which we provide the Service).

Limited Access in Some States

Generally speaking, lawyers must be licensed by a state licensing agency to “practice law.”

Unfortunately, there is not a uniform definition of what it means to “practice law.” For example, some states make it very clear that Online Legal Document Providers are not “practicing law” while other states have expanded their definition of “practicing law” to include certain Online Legal Document Providers. In either event, we have decided not to operate in states that may take the position that Contract Canvas is practicing law.

Accordingly, as of the Last Modified Date above, we are not allowing users in the following states to process contracts through our Services:

  • North Carolina

If you have paid for a recurring subscription and, after paying for that subscription, we added your state to this list (or if you subsequently moved to a state on this list), then please contact us. We will use our best efforts to issue you a refund for the unused portion of your subscription.

Complaints & Dispute Resolution

If you have any complaints or other comments, please contact us at the contact information below.

If a dispute arises between us and one or more of our users, we intend to comply with the American Bar Association’s Best Practice Guidelines for Online Legal Document Providers referenced above. Accordingly, as you will find in our Terms of Service (which is our contract with you), we attempt to make the location of the dispute resolution proceeding convenient for both you and us. We also require arbitration in most situations to keep the costs of the proceedings low for both you and us. Further, we are open to online dispute resolution processes and similar concepts. We do not require you to pay our lawyer fees in the proceedings either. And in all cases, we will not unreasonably delay the resolution of disputes with our users. Finally, we do not ban class actions.


If you have complaints, comments, or questions, please contact us at You can send written communications to us at our registered agent and office on file with the Missouri Secretary of State.